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Time to Leave the Nest

Dahlia Brown, Staff Writer

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“Thank goodness we got that over with!” we say as we walk away with our diplomas, finally free of Del Norte’s grip.

But the day we’ve been dreaming of is now just four months away.

As of now, the average senior may be done  with college apps, but may still deal with other schoolwork, participating in sports and clubs, maybe even balancing a job, high school becomes a tedious chore for many of us.

But before senioritis takes over, aren’t we going to miss Del Norte?

It’s the place where unforgettable friendships were made. It’s the place where sports teams have bonded and made Del Norte history. It’s the place where teachers have changed students’ lives through education.

But most importantly, it’s the place where we’ve spent the last 4 years getting to know ourselves better.

Jahquel Stevens (12) highlights the impact of building strong team relationships. “Whether your goal is scoring a football, solving a Rubik’s Cube, or getting a band trophy, there’s a sense of belonging that is just so great.”

What many of us don’t realize right now is how different life is going to be once we’re in college, especially for those moving away.

“You’re given a drastic amount of freedom compared to when you were living at home,” says Savannah Keltner, who graduated last year and is currently attending ASU. “Now you don’t just have to worry about grades, but also what you’re having for dinner or when you want to do laundry.”

Once we have stepped out of Del Norte’s embrace and tossed into the real world, we’ll have to deal with change. Bonds we’ve built up over the past four years -with friends, teammates, and teachers- will be left behind as we progress onto greater things.

As seniors, soon we’ll be finishing up our college apps, attending our last school dances, and spending one more year with those we’ve grown up with.

Now that the countdown has started, there will be a lot of lasts, so let’s not take for granted all the great memories we’ve built on this journey. Let’s enjoy our last year basking in the familiarity that Del Norte has created for us in our cozy nest.

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Time to Leave the Nest