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4-Year College Route?: Nah, I Will Take the Road Less Traveled

Derek Chan, Staff Writer

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Although attending college is what most people are doing straight out of high school; it isn’t the only option.

Despite what many think, college isn’t required for many professions. However, it is helpful to have a four year degree in the STEAM field.

If going to college is completely out of the picture, starting a business is an option. With a large percentage of the american workforce being self employed, it isn’t completely out of the picture to start a business.

Despite what many Americans believe, small businesses are a substantial source jobs and according to the U.S. Small Business Administration, “99.7 percent of employers firms are represented by small business.”

If starting a business isn’t an ideal choice, attending a trade school is certainly an option. Unlike a traditional four year university, trade schools specialize in a specific skill. Society often times undervalues the importance of these skills so jobs won’t be too hard to find.

For many of Del Norte’s seniors, college is still the ideal future. For those unsure of what career they want to pursue and want a break, taking a gap year could be the perfect alternative.

A gap year is a period of time, typically between high school and college, that a student takes to relieve themselves of academic pressure. Students who take a gap year are generally more mature when they arrive at college and as a result more immersed in their education.

With this concept, the University of North Carolina and Princeton University offer scholarships to students who take a gap year.

Our society places so much emphasis on going to college, that all the other viable options are thrown completely out of the picture. The future may seem daunting, but realize there are other options besides going to college.


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4-Year College Route?: Nah, I Will Take the Road Less Traveled