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Omar Safi, Editor-in-Chief

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Brooke Mcnulty “I think off-campus lunch would greatly benefit the seniors at Del Norte High School and would allow them to feel more like adults that they will become in the next years at college because it increases their chance to be independent. Also it would help businesses, some of which are owned by families with students at Del Norte and other PUSD schools.”


Jacob Sauter “Having a senior beach day because some of us are applying out of state (like myself) and we won’t be able to have the luxury to be so close to the beach.”


Khaled Ibrahim “I feel like we should have a beach day since it is a good way for us to clear our mind off school and to get to enjoy time with our class.”


Rehan Chinoy “I think a Senior night lock in would be a great bonding experience for all the seniors. Since it is our last year together as a class, the more time we spend together as a class will be memorable.”


Minnie Bird “Something I feel most Seniors want is their should be another informal type dance, where only upperclassmen can attend.”


Haley Aker “A senior want would be off-campus lunches because we are responsible and being able to leave would be a nice privilege for seniors.”


Megan Ochoa “For me in the future for the next classes of seniors I’d want a class where we got time to do college apps and get help on what we need to do. It can be optional but could be a 5th/6th period class.”


Cristian Kennedy “I want to be done with all this hard work and stress most us have been hit with the first trimester.”


Evan Lam “I think it’d be pretty beneficial if there was more incentive and more encouragement for seniors (and students in general) to support our sports teams. I say this because I haven’t been to any sporting events in the past four years XD.”



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