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You have the Right to YOUR Opinion, but Please Respectfully Disagree

Jessica Borough, Staff Writer

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These days, we all have opinions, and lots of them.

Whether you know a thing about politics, we all have strong willed opinions on which policies are correct. Whether you’ve been to church at all or never in your life, we all know our belief is the right one. Before we even graduate high school, our opinions are set in stone, and anyone who disagrees with us becomes a sworn enemy.

But why do we have such strong opinions, sometimes even about things we don’t know about?

Humans have the desire to be right: it’s rooted in our educational system. You’re rewarded for being right and condemned for failure. This fear of being wrong has created an inability for us to admit our mistakes.

Our inability to admit our faults is the culprit of our unchanging beliefs. Once you’ve asserted an opinion, you can’t take it back. Our fear of admitting mistakes forces us to defend opinions we may have no real knowledge of, and our fear of being wrong dictates that we defend those opinions, whether we believe them or not.

Having your own personal standards is good, and maintaining solid beliefs is admirable. It’s only when these standards and beliefs are not our own that it gets dangerous.

It is important that we try to abstain from being closed minded in our opinions, especially in our youth; we need to maintain a flexible and open mind.

We need to experience life in all forms before we can determine what we believe. We must be open to hearing different opinions, even if those opinions do not coincide with our own.

The world we live in is deeply divided by contrasting ideals: Democrat or Republican, Socialist or Capitalist, Christian or Muslim. And while we do not have to agree with the opinions of others, we need to be willing to hear them, and we must be able to understand them before we can decide whether we agree or not.

Our opinions define who we are, and if we want to be someone who changes the world for the better, we need to know what we really believe in, and why we believe it.

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You have the Right to YOUR Opinion, but Please Respectfully Disagree