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Navigating Through Your Course Request Form

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Jessica Borough (12)

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CRFs: Finding Balance, Connecting with your Passions, and Creating a Path for Success

It’s that time of year again. Time for the students at Del Norte to plan out their year and fill out those famous Course Request Forms. Whether you’re a freshman, sophomore, or junior, the decisions on your CRFs will determine your life for the next year. So plan out your course load carefully.

Last week I sat down with Del Norte’s counseling staff and talked with them about CRFs. Sharing their insight and personal experience with Del Norte students, this is the advice they gave:

Find Balance:

Balance is the key in planning your courses for next year. The persisting culture at Del Norte- which emphasizes the need for academic success- is a growing problem. It creates a pressure to succeed which frequently drives students to overload themselves with difficult classes, specifically AP classes. Thinking that they are falling behind their classmates, students often fill their schedules with as many academic classes and APs as possible. As a result, students overextend themselves. With so many difficult courses to deal with, their grades suffer in all of their classes. Students who usually get A’s start to get their first B’s, C’s, or even D’s. In the end, the classes taken to boost their GPA can lead to academic failure if their schedules are not planned out wisely and properly balanced.

Follow Passion:

Don’t choose classes based on what you’ve heard from other students. Each student is individual, and has individual thoughts and experiences. One person’s experience of a class will not necessarily be the same for someone else. When you choose your classes for next year, pick courses that sound the most intriguing to you. Don’t let the pressure to achieve choose your classes for you. In general, you want to keep your goals for the future in mind. Select classes whose content fits best into the future you see for yourself. If you have an interest in a certain subject, follow that interest.

Save Time for Yourself:

Grades are not the only thing that can suffer from taking too many difficult classes. The academic load you take on also impacts your social, emotional, and mental health. By taking too many difficult classes, you may end up sacrificing your personal life at the expense of your grades. Be sure to understand the total time commitment of all of your classes before turning in your CRF. Don’t plan your days to the brim. It’s important to plan enough time in the day to eat, sleep, and stay healthy. You also want to take time for yourself to do the things you enjoy. Join a club or a sport, spend time with friends, or simply take time to unwind on your own.


High school is the perfect time to explore new interests. With Course Request Forms, you can get a taste for the many classes Del Norte has to offer. New classes are added every year, offering a variety of subjects and interest fields. This coming year, you will see the addition of many new elective courses, including Child Development and Psychology, Intro to Teaching and Learning, Art Exploration, and Journalism. Joining the variety of informative classes that Del Norte continues to offer from last year, there is a lot to be discovered in every class at Del Norte. By offering a diverse selection of classes, the school encourages students to discover new passions and gain insight into careers they may have never considered.

Filling out your Course Request Form is an individualized process. But with the help and advice from our counselors, you should be well informed and ready to make careful choices on this year’s CRF.


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Navigating Through Your Course Request Form