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Chad Cushing, Staff Writer

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I had the pleasure of attending Angels Spring training this past weekend in Tempe, Arizona. Ever since 2011, Angels Spring Training has been a place of losers. A place or sub par teams to prepare themselves for a sub par season.

   In 2011, Angels’ general manager Arte Moreno made some big plays. He signed superstar talent Albert Pujols from the St. Louis Cardinals.

Pujols was the best talent of his generation, a .300+ hitter and a Gold Glove Award candidate each season he stepped out on the field. Alongside Pujols, Moreno signed star pitcher C.J. Wilson, who had led his team to the World Series the year before.

I remember being in the car on my way to school the morning we signed Pujols. My mom and I were listening to the Angels radio station, AM830, at about 7:30 in the morning.

The host of the show cleared his throat and spoke into the microphone, “Everyone, we have some big news to share. Former Cardinals’ star Albert Pujols has signed with… not the Miami Marlins, but the LOS ANGELES ANGELS!” My mom and I went crazy,  I was surprised we didn’t crash.

I wore a beaming smile all day at school, it was truly one of the best days of my life.

Something very similar happened not to long ago, this school year in fact. This offseason in baseball was all about a certain ballplayer, named Shohei Ohtani.

He is a huge Japanese star who had decided to make his way over to the MLB. He is called the “Japanese Babe Ruth” because he can hit and pitch at a high level. With a fastball topping out at 101 miles an hour, and enough bat speed and power to hit 30 home runs over the fence, every MLB team wanted a piece of him.

The main candidates to land Ohtani were the Dodgers and Cubs,because who doesn’t want to play for a big-name team? One day, that all changed.

It was the day before Christmas break, and my class and I was watching DNN when I felt my phone buzz in my pocket. I peeked at my phone and the Bleacher Report notification read, “SHOHEI OHTANI AGREES TO SIGN WITH ANGELS”.

I jumped up out of my chair and yelled “Yes!!!!!!!!!!” Everyone in my homeroom class looked back at me and I apologized, but it was a very exciting moment. I had no clue Ohtani would sign with the Angels, but I sure as heck was glad he did.

All the Angels fans around the nation needed a moment like this. When I went to Spring training, you could taste the excitement in the air.

Hundreds of fans and reporters flooded the confines at Tempe Diablo stadium, and every single kid with a cap and a Sharpie wanted Ohtani’s sinaure. You could see it in the players as well. Everyone was excited, everyone was smiling and laughing.

The Angels’ needed this new spark of excitement; a spark that could of only been acquired by adding a special type player like Albert Pujols or Shohei Ohtani. With a ballclub with as much talent and depth that the Angels do, all they needed was that one missing piece to light the fire.

Every Angels fan is only thinking one thing right now: a championship. Every homerun Shohei Ohtani clobbers over the centerfield fence and every strikeout he tallies is just one step closer to bringing home the Commissioner’s Trophy, better known as the World Series. The Angels are ready.

Baby it’s ShoTime.

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